Pirate Ship Dream Meaning

Pirate Ship in your Dreams

Dreaming of a pirate ship is omened the intervention of people of bad intentions in your project of business. To dream of a pirate ship in a storm in the sea means that you will fall in the discredit social, that which will cause you material losses. A pirate ship in a dream symbolizes the presence of unscrupulous people to your surroundings, reason why it is necessary to distrust some people that are shown too kind with your person. If you dream of a pirate ship toy you suggest complicated family situations that you is leaving your control and it should solve.

In such a manner, to dream that you are captain of a pirate ship it means that it is necessary to go to people with experience so that they guide you and offer your help. But if in the dream it is attacked by a pirate ship it indicates that plans are scheming against your interests and it is necessary to avoid behaviors that give place to gossips and lies.

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