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Plaid in your Dreams

To dream that you use a fabric of design plaid of colors red, white and blue expresses the duality of to enjoy and to take care of the nature, of being moderate and sign when treating other people. Linked to the Scottish culture, a plaid symbolizes freedom and responsibility for what surrounds and adoration and respect to the local and national traditions. If you dream of a plaid that it uses an interpreter of bagpipe of Highlands you will receive an invitation to a concert of Celtic Scottish music in company of old friend that you have not seen in years. Dreaming of a plaid that you use in a traditional kilt taking place San Andrés' Day is omened local big efforts to improve the conditions of the flora and the fauna of your county or parish through the community of businesses to which be linked your company at the moment.

By the way, this type of dream about a plaid possesses a mystic or magic high content because it transfers the traditions and the characters legendary scotch to the real life. Hence, don't worry if you sees walked by your garden to Peter Pan and Wendy; only you should enjoy the moment and to feel like a child again.

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