Police Uniform Dream Meaning

Police Uniform in your Dreams

To dream of a police uniform represents the question of the features of the personality like level of seriousness, disciplines or the constant change of ideas and of behaviors. The police uniform symbolizes stability, seriousness and to take until the end the objectives proposed in the life. If you dream of police uniform used by you inside of a police car it will be represented the aspect from yourself when having to force the change of your life due to some poor economic results currently. Dreaming of police uniform used by a friend that walks down the street with you is expressed the presence of well-known people by you that there are decided to help you so that lifts your self-esteem and go out forward with a new work.

Now and then, the police uniform could symbolize self-control lack or the loss of the enthusiasm for constant changes and difficulties in the life. It originates changes in the personality and in the state of humor of the people.

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