Pomegranate Dream Meaning

Pomegranate in your Dreams

To dream of a pomegranate represents the well-being, the good luck, a strong health and a long and productive life for you and the relatives. It also demonstrates the sexual attraction, the passion and the realization of your more intimate desires. If you dream of a pomegranate very mature on a table of your house you will solve without difficulties some problems of health or financial that will happen during this semester. Dreaming of a pomegranate very mature on the grass of a very green garden seeks advice to take care of your patrimony and to avoid to abuse of your pocket.

In fact, this type of dream is very stimulating but it will always advise moderation in the expenses or in the physical excesses. Don´t forget that the saving and the rest are collaborating vital in your life as well as the quality of all that you consume daily.

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