Popcorn Dream Meaning

Popcorn in your Dreams

To dream of popcorns indicates that you possess a very creative nature that is able to share with other people that need of a help or of a simple advice. The popcorns symbolize to be able to demonstrate, to give knowledge or to grant truths and facts that protect and guide. Dreaming of popcorns that are sold in a cafeteria is omened a situation that will allow you to help from heart to a wise and abandoned old man. If you dream of popcorns that are sold in a small and very modern cinema you will understand the good actions that you have carried out inside your work when seeing the results of the company to happen some days.

At times, the popcorns project a desire to give and to help perfectly as much in the work as in the house and without worrying in what the other ones think. In fact, this dream is a sign to begin the learning and you to pay the biggest attention to your colleagues, friends and relatives to hear or to speak to them.

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