Quaker Dream Meaning

Quaker in your Dreams

To dream of a Quaker represents the arrival of an expression, an invitation or a gift pleasant given by friends or colleagues like symbol of esteem or deep affection. A Quaker symbolizes the attachment to the natural, to the faith, to the freedom and the love to the fellow-being. If you dream of a Quaker that pray in the porch of your house you will revise the interest for the obtaining of objects and unnecessary or magnificent things by you. Dreaming of a Quaker that requests another person not to mistreat a pet in the street seeks advice to thank to your parents for the austere and peaceful education that they gave to you.

Generally, the dream about a Quaker points out a behavior of observation and critic to the waste or the lack of personal attachment towards the family or people nearer or dearer of you. Nothing goes without attention for this premonition loaded with love, faith and spirituality.

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