Quivering Dream Meaning

Quivering in your Dreams

Dreaming of the quivering of somebody for cold is represented something disturbing, dangerous or harmful that will happen very near to you. The quivering of somebody means an unpleasant situation that happened to have been insensitive, brutal or inhuman with a person. If you dream of the quivering of somebody for a very high fever you should investigate the origin of an unjust situation in the work. To dream of the quivering of somebody caused by a very big fright expressed your sensibility before the bad behaviors of people with their fellow men.

Likewise, this dream stimulates the invigoration of the qualities or attitudes positive of a person before the incorrect ones of others. Everything should be consolidated or reinforced before this bothersome premonition but detailing the places, people or the situations well where it happens the quivering.

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