Rhinestones Dream Meaning

Rhinestones in your Dreams

To dream of the rhinestones represents brief moments of victory in your real life while the best moments arrive. The rhinestones symbolize intelligence, falsehood, creativity and the desire to give happiness in little time for everybody equally. Dreaming of the rhinestones placed on your worktable is considered the arrival of an unique opportunity and not repeatable for you when take a work trip in another country. If you dream of the rhinestones inside the coffer of mother-of-pearl of your house you will feel happier when an experienced colleague incorporates to work with you.

Sometime, the dream about the rhinestones will be able to link indirectly with an important executive that will recognize your professional work and of experience of years. Frequently, this kind of dream is identified with a professional high activity or with the hard work well remunerated and grateful.

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