Rosemary Dream Meaning

Rosemary in your Dreams

Dreaming of the rosemary is represented the fortune, the luck, the memory, the good faith and the frankness with well-known and unknown people. The rosemary means the relationship of the health and the foods, of the faith and the care or that known with that ignored. To dream of the rosemary sowed in a greenhouse and very green it seeks advice a lot of clarity when speaking with a friend a personal issue complex. If you dream of the rosemary that it is a container and very dry you will be able to resist and to solve all the difficulties in your work for your frankness.

Nowadays, this dream allows to relate the difficulties of health with its mediating solution with the use of bushes and flowers, as well as to eliminate the social tensions with the frankness and the faith in the people. Here, ability and fortune are given of the hand to obtain a desire or to solve a conflict.

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