Salami Dream Meaning

Salami in your Dreams

To dream of the slami it could represent the vicinity of events, such as information or news that woke up feelings of happiness, passion or it punishes. Dreaming on this type of dream you will remember the color that expresses the salami. If you remember a clear or whitish color of the salami, you will receive a news that will provoke in you happiness. Of being the red or reddish color, you will enjoy an information or information that you will wake up great passion soon.

However, if you dream of salami of reddish or blackish color, you will receive news or announcement that it will provoke you pain. Also, it could omen tense situations provoked by incompetence or failure. Likewise, to have a dream that is related with salami it could be reflected problems in young couples or sexual conflicts in couple's relationship with experience.

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