Saliva Dream Meaning

Saliva in your Dreams

To dream of the saliva indicates wrong to sleep, some desire in foods or sweet specific or to possess a sexual intense or excessive appetite. The saliva symbolizes fear, attraction or great fatigue and relaxation after a long observation or comfortable rest. If you dream of the saliva that spring from the mouth of a well-known person you will have some very intense work days the next weeks that advise to avoid tensions or continuous exhaustions. Dreaming of the saliva that springs from the mouth of a non well-known person is alerted to take care of your body to be able to make all that wants as for the work and to practice of sports.

Just so, this dream indicates not to take anything to the limits to avoid feel responsible for your fears or limitations acquired by undesirable experiences. As a detail, to appreciate the saliva of an animal in a dream is a sign that you contain extreme and negative emotions as the hate and the anger.

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