Sausage Dream Meaning

Sausage in your Dreams

To dream of a sausage expressed a sexual satisfaction, conflicts possible to solve and to be able to experience big love affairs in very little time. A sausage symbolizes the culture of the phallus, the importance of some objects in the life and being insistent in diverse matters for its solution. If you dream of a sausage refrigerated on the table of your dining room you will face difficulties to achieve a love appointment in short time and in the middle of an uncomfortable situation of the family. Dreaming of a sausage ready to eat on your worktable is alerted the culmination of a tense situation in your work that it has lasted two months.

Hence, this dream offers solutions and roads to obtain as much in the love as in the repair of a television immediately. Don´t show anguish before the things that happen to you since this dream will encourage to achieve everything.

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