Scooter (Foot Powered) Dream Meaning

Scooter (Foot Powered) in your Dreams

To dream of a scooter represents advance and progression toward the future without limitations and without suggestions before problems or distances. A scooter symbolizes to take the things with freshness and without tension, in a relaxed way in advance to favor. If you dream of a scooter old of gasoline you could take a rest to make improve your house. Dreaming of a scooter modern, ecological and electric seeks advice to moderate your precipitate form of applying ideas in the work without exchanging before with your colleagues or boss.

In such a manner, this dream alerts of thinking before to act or to go to a step appropriate without throwing the take care of you and to take care to the other ones. Not stop to always think of your limitations to take advantage of your time and not to go toward the prosperity in a violent way.

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