Security Dream Meaning

Security in your Dreams

To dream that you have a sense of the security insinuates that you possess feelings of protection, of familiarity and love invulnerable. The security felt during a dream symbolizes to try to counteract the inhuman, the rejection to the abandonment of the fellow-being or to combat the total individualism of today. If you dream of the security that some policemen protective to your house you will be direct with the colleagues that think of their personal things, they don't see the force of the solidarity and the weakness of the future. Dreaming of the security that some dogs offer inside a garden with grills of a building is alerted to be observer and reflexive with all threat to your bank interests in the next days.

Again and again, the dream about the security represents a present and a future that it forces and stimulates to have all low control in your private and public spaces to avoid bothersome situations. DonĀ“t forget, everything will be in game with the premonitions of this dream, from the friendship to the feeding and the house current.

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