Seizures Dream Meaning

Seizures in your Dreams

To dream of seizures as those that are causes for the epilepsy indicates that you lack power of decision in some important matters or you suffer of a low self-esteem currently. The seizures symbolize insecurity, protection necessity or to take the problems with too much tension in your life. If you dream of seizures and convulsions on your bed you should consult a lawyer the legal situation that will face very soon. Dreaming of seizures that an unknown person has sat down in a park seeks advice to stay accompanied by a friend or relative when making something very wanted for you long time ago.

At first, this type of dream causes a very unpleasant impression but later it is considered as alarm of the vicinity of a stress moment or depression that you will solve. The peace and the observation detailed of the balance that it surrounds you it will help you to be judicious before those personal situations.

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