Shower Cap Dream Meaning

Shower Cap in your Dreams

To dream of a shower cap represents a desire to be protected of unpleasant comments, to avoid changing your way to think or not to listen valuations when you go by some type of renovation of your physical type or of your behavior. Dreaming of a shower cap you receive a message of your conscience from wanting to feel better yourself without going to other approaches, neither to change their attitude, the humor, or the intentions. It points out to be protected of some emotional difficult situation that approaches.

Negatively, a shower cap could reflect a closed and thoughtless attitude while you go by a change or renovation. Take advice, listen and later meditate to improve your steps. An affable relationship or a tense situation with your surroundings can benefit or to damage your desires to improve for yourself. Forget you closed attitude; open your heart meditating and select the best thing for you.

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