Shrink Dream Meaning

Shrink in your Dreams

To dream of shrink reflects feelings of little self-esteem, of low importance of your position in the family and insecurity when carrying out an opinion of yourself. To shrink symbolizes to feel blame of something, to experience the shame and the humiliation or to behave as something worthless. If you dream of shrink as a porcupine or an armadillo you should converse with intimate friends to look for solution to your depressive state current. Dreaming of shrink like a rubber or a plastic seeks advice to carry out your biggest efforts for not losing your work and offer help to your family.

At first, this dream alerts but later it worries all person that suffers a strong stress, depression or low self-esteem a lot. Even, it is possible that your efforts have not been valued well but that should not stop your force and human quality and professional.

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