Skyscraper Dream Meaning

Skyscraper in your Dreams

To dream of a skyscraper indicates that you have big expectations, high morality and inspiration. A skyscraper symbolizes high aspirations to build your future with force and unquestionable push. If you dream of a skyscraper like the Chrysler Building in the city of New York you will prefer to put all your senses in function of the improvement of your work that to stop to fight sat down in the house. Dreaming of a skyscraper like the Willlis Tower in the city of Chicago is alerted to maintain the very open eyes before the strong competition that surrounds to your company at the moment.

Also, in this kind of dream the details are important as the height of the skyscraper and the visibility of the same one. This could point out a negative or positive situation according to the details that the dream shows with all clarity.

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