Slavery Dream Meaning

Slavery in your Dreams

To dream of the slavery represents to remember something unpleasant, to show nostalgia and mercy in the face of the other people's suffering or of the fellow being with the whole heart and all the force of the soul. The slavery symbolizes non human feelings that should remember and to be changed by the love and the pardon besides not having positions in the life of anything negative. If you dream of the slavery that some human beings suffer in the middle of a plantation of sugar cane you should reject the discriminatory attitude of your executive or boss with some Muslim and Jews colleagues that work with you. Dreaming of the slavery of some children that they load stones in a mine is alerted a strong discussion of you with an employee from the customer’s service of an important store for a person that didn't assist correctly.

Generally, to have this dream summons to the courage of to face and not to tolerate quiet a human cruel or unjust problem. You feel all problem of human handling as your or of your family, or like an illness that will disappear forever.

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