Sleep Paralysis Dream Meaning

Sleep Paralysis in your Dreams

To dream of the sleep paralysis means the proximity of an event that will be able to motivate doubt, it rages or fear since originates in a popular belief. Many identify this with the call “old witch "syndrome and they don't consider the matter like a dysfunction of which sleeps. If you dream of the sleep paralysis through your limitation of not being able to leave a danger you will be very careful in taking care of the hours of rest and food during the whole day. Dreaming of the sleep paralysis in a moment of attack of an animal to you is expressed the high stress that you suffer for the negative problems that you have had during long time.

On the other hand, this type of dream represents your weakness before matters of high complexity in your work or in the family. Hence, being the first your health, take the things calmly and meditate very well about everything what happens in this premonition.

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