Slide Dream Meaning

Slide in your Dreams

To dream that you or another person had a slide represents a matter or aspect that is complicated likewise a work or action that is not easy to solve. A slide symbolizes the fall of social and economic positions, the strong collapse of yours interests, finances or patrimony. If you dream of a slide given by you in the bathroom of your house you will maintain under your attention the numbers of your company in the next three months to follow the financial health. Dreaming of a slide given by an unknown person in the bathroom of your company is omened an important reduction of the payroll of your company in a wide way and radical.

Actually, the dream about a slide always alerts of control lack on a matter or circumstance in your private or public life that you should take in yours hands immediately. DonĀ“t stop to hear all the advice with relation about it and redo your life with very easy.

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