Soot Dream Meaning

Soot in your Dreams

To dream of the soot represents the eternal essence of the human work, the permanency of the traditions and the care with love to the relatives of more age and sages. In particular, the soot symbolizes in a general way the powder and its load mystic or religious as principle and end of all that surrounds us. If you dream of the soot that the air rises and spreads for your house you should worry more of all the relatives of more age. Dreaming of the soot that accumulates in the external part of a window of your work is omened bigger strength in the family traditions with the consolidation of the unit between their members starting from this year.

In such a manner, this dream always indicates roads or steps to give that you will keep in mind as wise advice to take care of your matters or your personal dignity. This won't limit your ideas or opinions, rather it will get better your understanding of the individual and family origins.

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