Spell Book Dream Meaning

Spell Book in your Dreams

To dream of a spell book represents creative ideas that will solve conflicts, to maintain a source of important information to dominate a problem or to manipulate and to control permanently to people or a situation. A spell book symbolizes to look for an exit for an urgent tactics or to elaborate a strategy of manipulation that can be calculated to benefit to somebody. If you dream of a spell book of the Celtic culture you should prove to have more patience with their children so that they apply in their lives the advice of the adults. Dreaming of a spell book of the medieval time is alerted to use all your experience to close a very beneficial negotiation.

Currently, the dream about a spell book won't offer to avoid a bad omen but alerting to you of something incorrect or problematic for you or your family. You are not allowed to frustrate for strange or magic advice and elevate the ideas to know and to control your steps in the businesses.

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