Stained Glass Windows Dream Meaning

Stained Glass Windows in your Dreams

To dream of stained glass windows can reflect a positive attitude in the life, the realization of a great desire or a marine avoidable accident. The stained glass windows symbolize positive attitude or blind faith on something humanitarian in the near future. If you dream of stained glass windows of Gothic style and full with colors you will travel in a yacht for leisure but you will be attentive to all negligence in the voyage. Dreaming of stained glass windows of colors white, blue and green is omened the realization of your desire of to better the greenhouse of your back garden with the help of the family.

Actually, the stained glass windows advise to have faith regarding a complex problem and don´t lose the trust in you. Don't worry and think that you allow your thoughts to be free and that the past is over and you are at peace.

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