Star Of David Dream Meaning

Star Of David in your Dreams

To dream of the Star of David symbolizes the combination of the imagination and the affection, of the force and the wealth but avoiding the suffering to the fellow-being totally. It also means the harmony of the paradise and of the world, of the heaven and the earth, of the tree and the fruit or of the honey and the milk. Dreaming of the Star of David painted with blood in a door is expressed the arrival of a magic moment with your couple or with the family very soon and during a party a Saturday. If you dream of the Star of David embroidered in silver in a cloth you will be selected by your family like the protector of the family patrimony.

Now, don't value this dream as simple or less complicated that other and stop you in the details of it. The Star of David can omen crisis, attack, justice but also incredible abundance and a life at peace.

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