Sting Dream Meaning

Sting in your Dreams

Dreaming of a sting is represented the affectation of you by somebody near or familiar to your life or your feelings in a deceiving and immodest way. This dream it is premonition of damage or affectation from a person to another without real reason for it. If you dream of a sting of a jellyfish while you swing in a beach you will have a very big disillusion for the attitude of a friend of the childhood. To dream of a sting of a bee when walking for a forest it advises not to come closer too much to somebody rude or insensitive.

At the same time, this dream will point out the price of suffering a disappointment or a betrayal of somebody very dear. As you are not forced to load with the errors of other people, forget that individual's dark part and take distance of all unpleasant matter or outside of control.

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