Streaker Dream Meaning

Streaker in your Dreams

To dream of a streaker that runs for a street represents an event that will cause you shame or shyness for an action carried out by another person. An exhibitionist means easiness, indifference or apathy above all the social thing. Dreaming of a streaker that covers their body with a newspaper in a public park is omened a concern or nuisance by something devised by a relative that is indifferent to everything. If you dream of a streaker that shows their body when opening up and to close their jacket you will be able to feel shame of the lack of the honesty of your boss towards the colleagues of your work.

Thus, this type of dream denounces crash or intolerance with the indifference or the laziness of other people that they will be able to damage your form of to act or to think. With this premonition all negative behavior will be observed and rejected without some tolerance.

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