Sulfur Dream Meaning

Sulfur in your Dreams

To dream of the sulfur means happiness for memorable events that will happen soon like a wedding in the family. The sulfur is a non metallic element that was used in the antiquity by the alchemists, but in a dream it represents security and pardon for made errors or mistaken actions. If you dreams of very yellow and inflammable sulfur it symbolizes that a situation exists that you will bring disagreements and bad experts with your boss in you work. Dreaming of the sour rain that causes the combustion of the sulfur in big factories is omened an imminent danger of the environment in your neighborhood in these days.

By the way, the dream about the sulfur of a volcano could also mean, a deep change, to be able to negative and provocation to the no established very soon. Take the positive side of this dream and your measures will be effective.

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