Tan Lines Dream Meaning

Tan Lines in your Dreams

To dream of the tan lines on the face represents attraction or loving blockade for the personal attractiveness or burning comments on you for personal or private matters exactly. The tan lines symbolize sensuality, love affair near and even elevation of the ego. If you dream of the tan lines on your face seen in your mirror you could be disputed right now inside your own company for you have taking some days in Bahamas; before this chaos, protect you. Dreaming of tan lines of a well-known person for you recently is omened a love affair with this person in some days due to your insistence to leave to have dinner.

Alternatively, the tan lines in a dream can alert to maintain distance with a very attractive person but with a social doubtful behavior and inconvenience for you. You should always be observer with this kind of dream because as you know all that glitters is not gold.

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