Taser Gun Dream Meaning

Taser Gun in your Dreams

To dream of to hold or to use a taser gun, it symbolizes desire to "freeze", to immobilize or to paralyze from a momentary, exemplary and noncriminal way to something or somebody that it causes nuisance or permanent annoyance. This type of prophetic or warning dream, it should alert you to take the situations or annoying people that you has calmly next at the moment. Dreaming with a taser gun, you interpret the internal annoyance his with the external thing in conscious state. In that case, dominate your mood and temperament in this issue.

On the other hand, if you have a dream on the use of a taser gun against you, you will foresee to "be paralyzed" in the materialization of ideas in your business, neighborhood or social club. Something could hold it or to brake it. In anyone of the cases, their mind is announcing in advance that somebody or something is creating you a control situation or contention. Be careful; you don't know it allows provoking. Not stop to look for intelligent and persuasive answers.

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