Tassels Dream Meaning

Tassels in your Dreams

To dream of tassels is sign of authority, prestige and jurisdiction to obtain and to defend something very valuable as the family, the personal faith or the love to the life. The tassels symbolize an element of range recognition, grade or level reached before other people. If you dream of tassels in the shield of a religious you will be able to achieve an objective very wanted with your children. Dreaming of tassels in a very big bonnet hung in a wall is denounced the obtaining of an important recognition from the community to a member of your family.

Of course, this dream is also related with studies, searches and achievements that will solve or they will fix difficulties or problems in areas of the work or of the daily life. Calmly and with your force interpretive, you will be able to specify all the desires that it will give this premonition.

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