Tear Gas Dream Meaning

Tear Gas in your Dreams

To dream of the tear gas is sign of sentimental complicated relationship, to be caught in a problem or being able to change a certain place. The tear gas symbolizes to leave everything transformed, to act with something that blocks your actions or to stop to feel blockaded and unable with something or somebody. If you dream of the tear gas rushed during the manifestations of French May of 1968 you will receive statistical information that will change your company totally. Dreaming of the tear gas rushed during the manifestations against to Vietnam War it is omened tensions in your company for bad handlings financial by the marketing department in two years.

Precisely, this kind of dream points out the moderation to the change so that it has a correct or creative and not destructive end. It will avoid it that events or issues later to this dream they are reason of pain, discourage and abuses outside of control.

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