Telegram Dream Meaning

Telegram in your Dreams

To dream of receiving a telegram means the arrival at the hands of the addressee of news, messages or warnings imminent of character positive or negative. A telegram symbolizes an unquestionable truth, a necessity of information or a reality described for you and the other ones. If you dream of a telegram of color yellow and deteriorated you will receive a communication for a third person that will specify it the loss of your loving relationship with it has lived many years ago due to the physical estrangement of you for work reasons. Dreaming of a telegram of great size and of brilliant paper is alerted the arrival of the positive answer from the great company to which you request employment in the accounting department.

Now and then, this type of dream opens you a door of knowledge and information that it will allow you to be optimistic with the future for your own effort. If the telegram is opened that future it is already resolved and if it is closed it indicates an invitation to be clear with you and with your folk since now.

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