Tetris Dream Meaning

Tetris in your Dreams

To dream of playing tetris (video puzzle game) represents to be alert before situations and challenges of complex understanding (lost of a work in the moment of more debts, couple's divorce with visit restricted small children, and so on). This dream expresses to order and to accept the challenge of immediate challenges where you are the main actor being about to order or to organize your life perfectly.

Dreaming of games of tetris, endless and monotonous, you should interpret that you will take care of your spirit before the estrés to get something perfect and good. Before this, don´t lose the impulse; you look forward. Tetris could also reflect positive premonitions for a situation of quick learning or an educational new atmosphere that demand perseverance and determination.

Negatively, tetris could be a frustration sign before a not reached goal if you don't dominate the game in your dream. Also, it can seek advice you in being about demonstrating to yourself that you is able to make something well made and almost perfect. Transform the challenge into a space for the opportunities.

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