Thief Dream Meaning

Thief in your Dreams

Dreaming of a thief that steals in a well-known space (home) demonstrates fear to lose something valuable or to mislead something of that it should be taken care and protected. If the dream is in an unknown place or you observe the escape of a thief the message is related with the next loss of an important message or of a bought object. Actually, a mark was make in your mind to the day to happen and later, in the state of dream, you have reflected the situation or thing that it should protect or to keep in your employment or house. It could have been a design elaborated by you or a valuable instrument that you leave outside of your garage. These dreams can be premonitions or visionary. In the first case, it alerts of possible lost by easiness; in the second, it offers a reminder of the important one of that lost now.

Something more, to dream that you are a thief could indicate fear to damage the desires or other people's rights with facts developed recently by you. If you only observe the escape from a thief to distance it could express that other people are usurping your place and you ignore it.

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