Thumbtacks Dream Meaning

Thumbtacks in your Dreams

To dream of the thumbtacks represents protection, support or back to a family important situation or of work. If anything dreams of thumbtacks it should be to the chance neither anything will be in the same way in that it has always been.

Dreaming of the thumbtacks you should get ready to solve a family matter or of work smartly. Not you should hurry. If in dreams you walk on the tacks it could alert you of avoiding a mistake when solving a work problem. Maybe reflect the possible loss of your prestige for not taking a problem that others consider important seriously.

Of equal it forms, dreaming of the thumbtacks in alive colors omens an appropriate help to near people. If the thumbtacks are used or rusty it recommends much care when giving money or sincere help to a person that doesn't know well. Attention, take care of yours business.

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