Tomboy Dream Meaning

Tomboy in your Dreams

To dream of a tomboy represents personal attraction to that ignored, search of what ignores or of an aspect of yourself that you didn't know. A tomboy is a cover symbol and concealment of the cruel reality, of what is this way exactly. Dreaming of a tomboy you are alerted of seeing in depth your accounting, the payment of services given in your house and your relationships of businesses to avoid uncomfortable realities that you ignored. If you dream of a tomboy you will meditate in what prefers to make or what you like to make before the time and the health prevent you to materialize desires and projects near to you profession or the style of your family life.

Negatively, a dream that includes a tomboy could reflect the conflict that you have in to select or to look for the best thing for you and your family. Don't worry to be unpopular while you try to change something on your work or home. Summation, you will foot the bill of the future and successes.

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