Tragedy Dream Meaning

Tragedy in your Dreams

To dream of a tragedy predicts problems, complications and difficulties that they will leave a print for a long time in you or in your family. The tragedy symbolizes the disillusion, the frustration and the nostalgia provoked to remember the past or a fact unpleasant. Dreaming of a tragedy of the type classic as the Greek is omened the obtaining of a prize after a very unpleasant fact of a friend. If you dream of a tragedy of the modern type as the English you will remember your childhood when passing in front of your old school where you learned how to read and to play baseball many years ago.

As a matter of fact, this type of dream is also linked with the memory of experiences and pleasant but very distant moments in the time. All the premonitions of this dream in a way or another it expresses news good, educational and with a great load emotional.

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