Train Tracks Dream Meaning

Train Tracks in your Dreams

To dream of the train tracks symbolizes lingering trip, stability in the action that intends and security in the long term commitments. Without doubts, the train tracks offer a convincing image of "walking for the good road." If you dream of to see or to walk on the train tracks, you could have a series of happy encounters with dear and distant people that will offer you solid support for your future plans. Dreaming of the train tracks and their continuation in the distance omens long existence of a complicated situation that you will solve for your perseverance.

Negatively, a dream with the train tracks could reflect you concern since for the level and complexity of your obligations they are diverse and different but guided in the same sense of your project of life. It could include it unpleasant premonitions on to be left without direction or to be afraid of making changes in your plans. So, time to time, now and then rest and maintain you solid routine and continuous as the march strong of a train.

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