Trash Compactor Dream Meaning

Trash Compactor in your Dreams

A trash compactor is something that represents accumulation of wastes and maintenance of the cleaning. This equipment is also resolve of problems and teacher on problems at level of the home and of the community. Hence, dreaming of a trash compactor is omened the solution of the daily problems that burden you today or the negative from the bank to their loan application (it thrown to the basket). Absolutely, you can be looking at the problems of a new perspective if you dream of a trash compactor of since expressed of meditating on expenses and consumptions, about spaces and necessities to transform your daily stress into positive impulse for tomorrow.

Negatively, to dream of a trash compactor could reflect an insensitive attitude toward minimizing your expenses, your disorder, your low hygiene or low quality of life. In short, avoid unnecessary purchases, fix your wall unit, clean your kitchen and don't eat fast food; ok? Then, go to work.

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