Trident Dream Meaning

Trident in your Dreams

To dream of to see or to use a trident symbolizes to the god of the sea and your connection with this physical space or to want to make a journey for the water and the ocean. Also, this is indicative of your singularity, vivacity and interest for the adventures, the adrenaline or that ignored. If you dream of a trident it is big and of silver left in a beach yourself will reserve a trip in cruise for the Aegean Sea very soon. Dreaming of a trident it is small and of gold left in a beach is omened the personal satisfaction of you by the school results of your children.

Nevertheless, the trident reflects a challenge and even a near danger that you will avoid in all moment, included the most common places. It is a risk not to keep in mind the message of this dream for the power that it points out and it manifests in all moment.

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