Upholstery Dream Meaning

Upholstery in your Dreams

To dream of the upholstery of a piece of furniture represents work, creation and to improve the things like they are for the benefit of many people. The upholstery symbolizes to manifest interior forces, to give the whole possible that it is to help to other and to reveal a social good behavior. If you dream of an upholstery simple of a piece of furniture you will be invited by your company to a dinner between with your colleagues for the good work results. Dreaming of an upholstered complex of a piece of furniture is alerted to maintain care in the treatment with unknown people in the street.

In addition, the dream about the upholstery expresses to hide or to cover situations that it doesn´t help to identify the truth of the things and of the people. In this sense, you leave to take for your interior forces, respect the space of the other ones and maintain distance of the difficulties.

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