Vegetables Dream Meaning

Vegetables in your Dreams

Dreaming of vegetables is expressed the necessity of improving the quality of life, the transparency of your finances or being a defender of the good feeding of your junior relatives. The vegetables mean a sign of improvement, increment or elevation of consumptions or human customs. If you dream of vegetables of green leaves as the celery or the beet you will be able to increase your spiritual or religious personality with the help of some simple fasts. To dream of vegetables of green fruits as the pepper or the cucumber it expresses the invigoration of your health with the systematic visit to a gym more near.

Besides, this dream allows be very sincere or franc when you observe among relatives or friends non healthy habits of life, avoiding discussions or nuisances. It is a warning to look for, to select and to enjoy more nutritious foods in your diet, remembering the consumption of the fresh or frozen and in smaller measure of that canned.

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