Vein Dream Meaning

Vein in your Dreams

To see your own vein in a dream is a sign of defense protector of your health and of your personal and public matters, including the family. A vein symbolizes the torrent of life, light and forces that it accompanies all human being and that it commits to support to the fellow being with passion. If you dream of a visible vein in the surface of the skin of an acquaintance you will be faithful and to help the colleague that has complicated situations now with their family. Dreaming of a vein visible in the forehead of an unknown person is omened a complex situation that you will solve with the force of your heart.

At first the dream about a vein points out and expresses protection against those that reject and they envy but they have short view to see the shine of the good thing. Even, this dream can announce next sadness but you will have your mind in function of the good thing, to be forgiven and to forgive.

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