Vicar Dream Meaning

Vicar in your Dreams

Dreaming of a vicar is omened that you should make an important decision to abandon the addictions and to follow the simple and humble road. If you dream of a vicar it symbolizes health, kindness and quality of their beliefs, projects and ideas that assure you a good balance of honesty and professionalism. A dressed vicar of black in a dream means to make with wisdom the things of the life and even the practice of sports outdoors. To dream of a parochial vicar represents that you will be able to have all the security possible when executing your plans in your shop or garage.

Precisely, the dream about a vicar advises to order and to serve the neighbor correctly following the balance of the nature, of the sky or of the Universe. This dream is linked a lot to the kindness that point needs today the world and to the law of to give and receiving.

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