W Letter Dream Meaning

W Letter in your Dreams

The W letter a dream expresses the imbalance, the force and the energy of people when they solve a situation that is outside of control or unstable. The W letter is the 23ยบ of the alphabet and in numerology the 23 represent the conflict or the contradictions in the Creation. This means that if you dream of the letter W embroidered in a T-shirt you will be able to complete your desires but with many effort. Dreaming of the W letter that somebody paints in the door of your garage seeks advice to show all your force and talent to solve a matter in your work.

In such a manner, to dream of W letter offers the necessary premonitions to face a conflict or a complex contradiction that it will always bring many benefits. Hence, to maintain calm and patience is fundamental to neutralize all the negative existent in a next situation.

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