Wagtail Dream Meaning

Wagtail in your Dreams

To see a wagtail singing in a river means a not very convincing play of a colleague on a work responsibility. To dream of a wagtail that takes care of their nest in a bush it represents your seriousness when taking care of the friendship or the health of a friend or relative. If you dream of a wagtail that sings very strong in the window of your house you will be able to deny the negative approaches on a friend in a barbecue in the yard of your house. Dreaming of a wagtail flying on your work expresses doubt, gossip or mistrust about the quality of your work.

Repeatedly, the dream about a wagtail is manifested like a protector of incorrect approaches or imprecise or uncertain expressions. It makes it to be an alert of care before the appearances or the deceits it has more than enough treasures or valuations nonexistent.

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