Walkie Talkie Dream Meaning

Walkie Talkie in your Dreams

To dream of a walkie talkie or portable receiver-transmitter implies isolation, desire of to express something or to alert of a matter, conflict or problem. A walkie talkie symbolizes contact, communication, alert or help. Dreaming of a walkie talkie of the type SCR-300 on the table of the dining room of your house is advising to call to the relatives that live so far before the Thanksgiving Day. If you dream of a walkie talkie that remains constantly transmitting you should check your electronic mail, telephones and other communication roads maybe somebody need to contact with you for an important matter.

This kind of dream suggests and advises above all. All contact or connection with dear people never comes bad. Here forgetfulness or lacks of time are not allowed. Please, if they don't call you, you call. Then, say thanks, thanks to play ok all.

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