Watermelon Dream Meaning

Watermelon in your Dreams

To dream of a watermelon omens recovery of a sick or complicate illness if have being healthy in the next future. It is also expression of interior strong passion, being present in all room of lovers. If you dream of a watermelon ready to eat, open or in slices you will have moments of passion and total surrenders with your favorite current sexual symbol in some days.

However, dreaming of a watermelon put in the door or window of your house it warns recovery of health or beginning of an annoying suffering. In this case visit your doctor when having this type of dream. The dream with a watermelon like part of an erotic moment it remembers you the necessity to share and to give the interior passion. Don't worry and be happy.

As a matter of fact, to dream of a watermelon should be appreciated to alert about the health and near passions. Even, it can reflect strong desires of wanted procreation. In women fertile or pregnant age omens them loving gestation and happy childbirth. Without a doubt, a watermelon can be an amusing and opportune symbol.

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