Wedding Dress Dream Meaning

Wedding Dress in your Dreams

To dream of wedding dress announces new experiences, exciting encounters and even unforgettable adventures. A wedding dress symbolizes to live and to know something that will allow him/her to see the life and the world in a different way. If you dream of a wedding dress of silk with silver fittings and long veil you will obtain the position of executive's sales that will allow a simple life but decorous with your family including very good benefits annuals. Dreaming of a wedding dress of satin with sleeves brocades and short veil is omened for you and your couple splendid vacations in Venice and in Verona that it will include shopping and visits in a year.

Occasionally, the dream with a dirty or used girlfriend dress demonstrates fights and conflicts with friends, colleagues, relatives and sentimental couple. Hence, it should describe the details of this type of intimate and possible dream linked to the friendship well.

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